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About PatentTerm Online, LLC

Q: Tell me about PatentTerm Online, LLC.

A: PatentTerm Online, LLC was created exclusively for the purpose of developing our web-based calculator to assist patent professionals in performing patent term adjustment (PTA) calculations under the American Inventors Protection Act of 1999 (AIPA). The founders of PatentTerm Online, LLC are Professor Irving Kayton, Founder of Patent Resources Group, Inc., and James P. Longfellow, Director of Ceres Legal Technologies, Inc. Both have taught extensively on patent term adjustment under AIPA. Note that Professor Kayton is now retired and is no longer affiliated with PatentTerm Online, LLC.

Q: What is the best way to contact PatentTerm Online, LLC?

A: If you have a question, please visit the online Help section of this site. You may also contact us via email to Support@PatentTerm.com or via telephone at (703) 691-2300. For written inquiries, you can reach us via fax at (703) 852-4410.

Our mailing address is:

PatentTerm Online, LLC
1930 Isaac Newton Square, Suite 290
Reston, VA 20190

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