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Getting Started

Q: How do I get started?

A: You can review general information on the PatentTerm Online site without registration. To access the calculator, however, you must apply for a user account which will allow you to create and store applications for analysis.

To apply for a user account, visit the New Account page and provide the requested information.

Q: What is the fee to use the PatentTerm Online service? What's included?

A: The fee to use PatentTerm Online is $200 per patent application. This includes unlimited access to the application for one year, pursuant to the terms of the User Agreement. The fee for applications where the client is the applicant and qualifies for Small Entity Status under 37 CFR ยง 1.27(c) is one-half, or $100, similar to the discount offered by the Patent Office.

Q: Is there a charge to create a user account?

A: There is no charge to create a user account. And, the new account will include several sample applications allowing you to evaluate the service without cost or obligation.

Q: Can I analyze a sample patent application to try the PatentTerm Online calculator?

A: Sure. When you create a new account, sample applications are available for your review in the Applications tab. We encourage you to explore PatentTerm Online by reviewing these applications.

Q: Do you provide training on using the PatentTerm Online calculator?

A: Computing AIPA Patent Term Adjustment (PTA) is a complex task. PatentTerm Online can greatly simplify the process, but a proper understanding of our calculator and the pertinent AIPA rules is required to achieve consistently accurate results.

To introduce our calculator, for each new account, we recommend users attend a free system orientation session before using PatentTerm Online. This typically takes about one hour, and can be done over the phone with an instructor, while you are working at a computer with web access.

For additional training, PatentTerm Online offers live, custom webinars providing an overview of the legal aspects of auditing PTA. Typically, sessions are scheduled on a fee basis for a group at a firm or company. We have provided PTA training for hundreds of patent professionals, and our programs are usually very well received.

For training inquiries, please contact us by email to Support@PatentTerm.com.

Q: I am an inventor or scientist seeking the expiration date of a patent. Why can't you provide me with an account?

A: PatentTerm Online is a tool designed for patent professionals, and a knowledge of substantive patent law is required to complete accurate analyses. Therefore, user accounts will only be provided to qualified patent professionals.

Non-professionals seeking to determine an AIPA patent expiration date should contact a licensed patent agent or attorney.

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